Research Studies in Tripura

Doctorate degree can be pursued by students from any stream. Tripura is an attractive destination for students to pursue a PhD degree. There are many universities and institutes of higher education (HEIs) in Tripura to offer Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programmes. Generally, students interested in college teaching and research work take up Ph.D courses. Minimum duration to pursue a full time PhD is three years. Some students also receive scholarship during course.

Ph.D is the highest level of an academic degree one can pursue in India and most other nations. However, it is not by any means an easy task to earn a PhD degree as it requires lot of hard work and many years to finally get the degree. Any student who has a Post Graduate degree and good academic records can opt for doctoral program. To be awarded a PhD degree, candidates are required to conduct their research in a particular field and defend their thesis or dissertation.

Job opportunities are many both in public and private sector for candidates who successfully complete a Ph.D programme. Generally, such candidates work in reputed positions. Also many such candidates chose to go for Post Doctoral Research programmes.

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